CFL Lightbulbs: Opportunity for an ‘At-Home’ Experience With Toxic MERCURY (Hg) Exposure

“… It isn’t Pollution that’s harming the environment.  It’s the impurities in our
air and water that are doing it…” 
 ~ former Vice President Al Gore

It amuses me when Politicians begin spouting off (frequently) about issues which they know nothing about.  It is a well known fact that former V.P. Gore is a big proponent of the ‘greening’ of our United States – and it doesn’t matter at all if the facts do not agree with reality.  As many of you know, the INCANDESCENT BULB is being phased out of production in favor of the CFL BULB for the purported purpose of conserving more energy and reducing the carbon footprint for each unit that is consumed / utilized.  The argument is that the CFL BULBS will last longer – and use less energy in the long term than the INCANDESCENT BULBS, when in fact – the CFL BULBS do not in truth perform as is expected of them, and need replacement far more frequently than is represented to us by the ‘do-gooders’ of the GREEN LEFT would have us believe.  There are other options available for lighting that can be used to reduce energy consumption than are represented by those who stand to gain financially by the Government mandated shift to CFL BULBS (from INCANDESCENT BULBS), but of course these are not discussed in the same breath – as they would interfere with the potential ‘money machine’ that the proposed switch has the potential to ignite in the pockets of the few.

Instead of debating this issue above, I would like to focus here on the safety issues involved in the switch to CFL – as we are creating potentials for TOXIC EXPOSURES in every home and business within the United States.  For example, the EPA has set the limit for Mercury Exposure that is deemed ‘safe’ for humans at NONE (Zero, Nada . . .).  In other words there has not been determined a safe level that is been established, i.e. every exposure that a human being encounters is considered ‘TOXIC’.  Why is this important?  CFL BULBS contain an inordinate amount of MERCURY within them, and if broken – of course we are exposed to it.

The EPA has dedicated a two page instruction on cleanup of a CFL BULB break to limit the potential recurrent severe exposure to MERCURY should a bulb be broken in the home or in the workplace . . . what person that is reading this here has not broken a light bulb in their home?  Or have you done it at work?  The fact is, that we are literally all guilty of having done so – and therefore in the future we will all indeed (if using CFL BULBS) will have our “AT HOME EXPERIENCE with TOXIC MERCURY EXPOSURE “.  Are you prepared for that?  I’d bet not, and for how long will this continue to be propagated amongst the people of this country, – ignorance of toxic exposure – , before someone in Government takes notice?  By their mandates to switch to CFL BULBS, they are literally insuring that each of us will have an ‘up front and personal’ TOXIC MERCURY EXPOSURE without regard for our ability to understand how to manage such an exposure.  We’ll be ‘Green’ however by God, and consume less energy (in theory) … but we also will have exposed ourselves to a variety of HEAVY METAL TOXINS (Mercury, Phosphorous, etc.), which are known to create free radical damage in every living creature that is exposed.

The ‘kicker’ in this situation, is that free radical damage (however it is achieved) is the “. . . final common pathway . . .” for the expression of most chronic diseases in the world today.  We are setting ourselves up for increased chances of developing:

  1. Heart Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease
  2. Liver and Kidney Dysfunction / Malfunctions
  3. Gastrointestinal Dysfunction / Malabsorption / Dysbiosis
  4. Arthritis
  5. Immune System Dysfunction / Suppression / Autoimmune Disease
  6. Autoimmune Disease
  7. Endocrine Dysfunction (inhibited balanced production of Hormones)

Do any of the above situations appeal to you?  What is your ‘family plan’ to deal with an emergency / urgency such as MERCURY EXPOSURE IN THE HOME?  I would bet that none of us can predict when we are going to break a light bulb next . . . and if the bulb is a CFL bulb?  Will you be prepared?

In the book titled “TOXIC METAL SYNDROME” by Dr. Casdorph and Dr. Walker, on page 150 they go on to describe the five categories of Patients that have been identified (with regularity) that have resulted from MERCURY POISONING from free radical damage.  These include:

  1. Neurological Diseases
    1. Mental / Emotional – depression, etc.
    2. Motor – Movement Disorders
  2. Cardiovascular Diseases
    1. Collagen Diseases(connective tissue diseases)
    2. Immunological Diseases– and resultant outcomes of Immune Dysfunction
    3. Allergies– note:  Mercury in combination with allergens tends to more readily rupture White Blood Cells and thereby precipitate (more severe) Allergic responses

A common denominator in the above?  All of the above processes require a common mineral (notably deficient in the American Diet – Manganese) as one of their chief mineral activators in the prevention of the disease process, and FREE RADICAL MERCURY blocks the action of Manganese.

And if you should feel ‘lucky’ and think that you will just be more careful in the handling of the CFL BULBS in your home, what about the neighbors down the street who break bulbs with regularity?  They just “sweep up the fragments of broken glass” from the CFL BULBS and toss it into the trash

. . . only to be put into our landfills . . . multiplied over and over again across the nation . . . and then into the ground water supply . . . and magically back into our bodies through our home faucets or through the vegetable material (watered on our farms, organic and Non-organic) we consume.  Do you know that the EPA has delineated toxic dump sites for the materials from CFL BULBS (at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) for the handling of these materials?  How many people actually make the effort to bring these toxic materials to the designated dump sites – even if they clean up the broken CFL BULBS correctly?  Before reading this note, did you know that you were obligated to deposit your burnt out CFL BULBS and or broken materials at such a site?  Neither does 99.99% of the remainder of America.

Yes, this has the potential to be a HUGE MISTAKE, and to pollute our environment and our bodies before we have a chance to recognize what we have done to ourselves.  Wake up America, it’s not too late yet to repeal this foolish Government endeavor to make us switch to CFL BULBS.  We better do it now and stop this foolishness before we are too sick to try and reverse what we’d done.

Books/materials you may care to read about the issues regarding MERCURY TOXICITY include:

  1. TOXIC METAL SYNDROME  by Dr’.s Casdorph and Walker
  2. Cassarett and Doull’s TOXICOLOGY  textbook
  3. Goldfrank’s TOXICOLOGIC EMERGENCIES  textbook

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