Top 10 Reasons Why MOST DOCTORS Do not know anything about NUTRITION

1) They are not taught it in Medical SchoolMy personal experience (1989-2003) tells me that this is so, and I think that the Public needs to know that when they are asking their Physicians about Nutritional support of Illnesses (especially in the situations of Cancer, Chronic Disease, and or dealing with Detoxification with Heavy Metal Exposure – ex: the CFL’s exposing the public to HIGH LEVELS of MERCURY(Hg) or Phosphorous – POISONS)

When in Medical School, our ‘exposure’ to Nutrition consisted of 2 Lectures by the department of Biochemistry. Our Professor – who shall remain nameless – lectured from the podium with his ‘oversized’ Coffee Cup (Mega-Gulp size) that had numerous stains on the surface (I would have liked to obtain a ‘culture’ from the top of that cup, and analyzed it for Bacteria, Viruses, and Toxins . .

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CFL Lightbulbs: Opportunity for an ‘At-Home’ Experience With Toxic MERCURY (Hg) Exposure

“… It isn’t Pollution that’s harming the environment.  It’s the impurities in our
air and water that are doing it…” 
 ~ former Vice President Al Gore

It amuses me when Politicians begin spouting off (frequently) about issues which they know nothing about.  It is a well known fact that former V.P. Gore is a big proponent of the ‘greening’ of our United States – and it doesn’t matter at all if the facts do not agree with reality.  As many of you know, the INCANDESCENT BULB is being phased out of production in favor of the CFL BULB for the purported purpose of conserving more energy and reducing the carbon footprint for each unit that is consumed / utilized.  The argument is that the CFL BULBS will last longer – and use less energy in the long term than the

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