8 Year Limited Warranty

EIGHT (8) Year Limited Warranty

The PowerDiscTM has an eight (8) year limited warranty.  It is warranted for a period of  eight (8) years against defective materials and workmanship, provided it is installed and maintained in accordance with Intelligent Lighting Corp installation instructions. This product replacement warranty extends only to the original installation of this product. Such replacement shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser, and the sole liability of Intelligent Lighting Corp. In no event shall Intelligent Lighting Corp be liable for installation costs and any damages including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages or any loss of profits or revenue. Intelligent Lighting Corp shall replace any such defective product free of charge, when the product is returned prepaid with the original purchase invoice. This limited warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties provided by law.

This warranty is only valid when the PowerDiscTM is used with a brand new halogen or incandescent light bulb. Note: If used with non-new bulbs, the PowerDiscTM will still give you energy savings, but not the maximum life extension of the bulb. Also, the 8 year warranty is only applicable if used with a new bulb that has a life rating of a minimum of 750 hours*.

**The actual extended life of the bulb is dependent on the original life rating of the bulb. Ex. 1000 hours is now 100,000 hours