Guaranteed for Life

Hi, instead of guaranteeing the diodes for 10 years you should increase this too at least 30 years. I have recently changed an incandescent bulb that had been installed in a recessed lighting fixture for 31 years, and it was still working fine. Just updating my bath roon and wife wanted a newer type of fixture. This is not an isolate case. Through the last 5 years we have been doing several remodeling jobs around our home and every fixture I have changed still worked and still had the diode on the bulb. I installed these when we built our home in 1984. Just thought your customers might want to hear this story. Thanks. Ken Gremillion

Kenneth Gremillion
Chad Park

PowerDisc testimonial by Daniel DeFord, P.E.

I used PowerDiscs in the early 1980’s. I used 100 watt bulbs instead of 60 watts which gave me the same effect as a normal 60 watt AC Bulb. The BIG difference was the bulbs lasted until they were accidentally broken 15 years later. I am convinced that the bulbs would still be in use today without the accidental breaking. Also as with DC the bulbs were cool to the touch.

Thanks for the “reinvention” of these PowerDiscs.

Daniel DeFord, P.E.

PowerDisc testimonial by The McClurg Court Center Chicago

Thus far we have not had to replace a single bulb and therefore have saved substantial labor and bulb expense. A number of our residents have complimented us on the adjusted light level, and … are confident that we have also reduced energy expense...

Robert O.
The McClurg Court Center Chicago

PowerDisc testimonial by The Management Group (representing Holiday Inn- Chicago)

Mr. Ross has requested that all three of the Holiday Inns use the PowerDisc on ALL light bulbs in the hotels...

John G.
The Management Group (representing Holiday Inn- Chicago)

PowerDisc testimonial by Demb Realty Trust

We have not had to replace a single light bulb since which we had been doing constantly before using the PowerDisc...

Edwin P.
Demb Realty Trust

PowerDisc testimonial by David A. of The John Muir Property Management Co.

The PowerDisc was the right product at the right time for us. As part of a cost-cutting energy management program, we installed 1,200 PowerDiscs in long burning fixtures in our lobby, clubhouse, halls, and exit signs. We realized immediate results in our all-electric 720 apartment complex. Our energy costs were reduced dramatically by 20% each month. The greatly extended bulb life –and especially the labor savings in not changing bulbs in those difficult to reach areas – further enhanced our savings...

David A.
The John Muir Property Management Co.

PowerDisc testimonial by Charles N. of Fox & Hounds Restaurant

We have been utilizing your product for over one and a half years. Since the installation of hundreds of your product we have not replaced a single bulb, where we used to replace burnouts in virtually every socket every 30 to 60 days! We have estimated that our savings in electricity are upwards of $30.00 per socket per year….”

Charles N.
Fox & Hounds Restaurant

PowerDisc testimonial by William L. Detroit Police Department

Since our initial installation some 18 months ago, we have yet to replace a single bulb. We in fact have placed an additional order to satisfy all Police Facilities connected with the City of Detroit...

William L.
Detroit Police Department

PowerDisc testimonial by Frank M. Continental Plaza Hotel Chicago

The energy saver you supplied to us has been received with great success. It has saved us labor, replacement of light bulbs and naturally energy savings...

Frank M.
Continental Plaza Hotel Chicago

PowerDisc testimonial by Gene L. of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

We are very happy with the progress of the PowerDisc...

Gene L.
Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

PowerDisc testimonial by Gary C. of Beau Jack’s Bloomfield Hills

Since we have installed them (the PowerDisc) throughout the restaurant, not only have we saved on our energy consumption, but also on the amount of bulbs we have to replace. Since the installation, I have not changed a single bulb in 9 months!!

Gary C.
Beau Jack’s Bloomfield Hills

PowerDisc testimonial by Gale L. of American Invesco Chicago

We installed the PowerDisc throughout the entire Riviera 400 Club. Needless to say we are very pleased with your product. We have not had to replace a single light bulb during this time, thus saving us much time and money normally associated with this maintenance problem...

Gale L.
American Invesco Chicago

PowerDisc testimonial by John F. of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Hotel has been using 2,200 PowerDiscs in the porte cochere area for the past two years. Substantial savings have been realized in energy, bulb replacement and labor costs. We anticipate using the PowerDisc throughout the hotel in the near future. We have been very pleased with the results...

John F.
MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

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